Revolutionary Hair Removal System

The Discovery of Epilfree

The Epilfree formula was developed by Dr. Yoel Konis PhD, an expert in the field of Chemistry and a cosmetic Scientist with over 27 years of experience inventing and preparing formulas, patents and smart cosmetic solutions. 

The Epilfree formula was discovered during his research of herbs and plants for the healing of skin diseases that cause uncontrollable cell division. 

Two of the solutions he found were Alcanilia Vulgaris a.k.a “Ladies Mantle” and Greater Celandine, both of which disrupt and impede the cell division process. Interestingly, one of the “side effects” when testing the ingredients chosen for healing skin disease was that the hair in the treated areas didn’t grow back. Subsequently, Epilfree was developed and introduces as a new alternative solution for removing unwanted hair. 

Epilfree has been used as an effective hair-removal treatment u\in Europe since 2000 and is now available in the USA.

How it Works

The hair shaft is exposed by removing the hair follicle through epilation; waxing, sugaring, tweezing or threading.   An activator (Tone A) is applied to increase pore size and allow the active ingredients to penetrate to the hair follicle.  An Inhibitor (Toner B) is applied that targets the hair dividing cells in the hair shaft and renders them incapable of producing more hair. 

About Epilfree

Epilfree is the new generation of hair removal that combines simplicity of use with extraordinary results. It is a natural and scientific solution for unwanted hair that is suitable for anyone, any hair color or skin type, anywhere on the body. It is as simple as waxing with no side effects to the skin.

Epilfree is 82.1% natural and works to inhibit hair growth while nourishing and softening skin cells. It is target specific and only eradicates the cells that are involved with the hair dividing process, so skin remains healthy.

Epilfree is an affordable alternative to expensive laser and electrolysis hair removal treatments and works in cases where they are ineffective or not an option; this includes red, blonde, grey and downy hair (peach fuzz) as well as photosensitivity limitations. 

Epilfree’s 3 concentrated formulas (Facial, Intimate and Body) are developed to successfully treat different hair types in each treatment area. 

Typical areas include:












Breast area



Bikini area